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    The Sin That Makes Us Forget

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    The Sin That Makes Us Forget - you

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    1. Tojakus

      Yet, that is sadly our tendency. We forget. That's why we sin. We forget the wickedness of our sin and what it cost our Savior to redeem us from it. That's why we complain and grumble. We forget the greatness of incomparable worth of all that is ours in Jesus Christ. That's why we hesitate to forgive. We forget that God in Christ has forgiven us.
    2. Kekinos

      Jul 14,  · Hence when a sin is confessed and forgiveness received, it is no longer reckoned to us by God. Scripture says, “For I will forgive their evildoing and remember their sins no more” (Heb ). Of course, it does not pertain to God, who is omniscient and therefore cannot literally “forget” anything.
    3. Kajilkree

      The Idea Of The “Hustle” Makes Us Forget To Work Smarter July 16, I used to LOVE the idea of the “hustle”, “grinding” and all of those other terms that felt empowering, until I realized my idea of them was driving me to work more but not smarter.
    4. Tukinos

      Nov 20,  · We all know that sin makes all of us lawbreakers, but many of us miss the fact that sin does something much more foundationally destructive in our hearts. Sin makes all of us awe breakers.
    5. Feshura

      May 22,  · The word of God is filled with bright red flags waving in this man’s face, in all of our faces, telling him and us, “Stop indulging in sin” to make him serious enough that the Holy Spirit might take that seriousness and drive it down deep to the transformation that has to happen, which leads us to the last way that the word works.
    6. Shakarisar

      Jan 02,  · The Bible makes it clear that every human being is born into this world as a sinner (Romans ). That sin makes us ceremonially unclean and unfit to enter into the presence of God. The blood of Christ is what washes our sins away (1 John ; 1 Peter ).
    7. Tehn

      Feb 02,  · Another one of the sins Christians ignore can be pride and self-promotion. Humans need to be needed. But this can lead to an unhealthy worship of status at the office, church, or organizations one participates in.
    8. Kazilkis

      Remember, God’s vow to forgive and forget the sins of His people includes even the brutal murder of His only begotten Son. We are tempted to think, “Well, it’s easy for God to forget,” but such is not the case. God says of the sins of unbelievers that He “ will NEVER forget ANY of their works ” (Amos ).
    9. Tar

      God created us in such a way, free-will advocates suggest, that we can freely choose to obey Him and not sin, or else we can freely choose to disobey Him and sin. This free-choice that we make is not in any sense caused by God — if it were, they say, it would not be a real choice!

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