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    1. Mazuzuru

      Jun 18,  · Translingual: ·The letter u with a diaeresis above itself.· The letter u with an umlaut above itself.··The twenty-ninth letter of the Azerbaijani alphabet, written in the Latin script.
    2. Zulkigore

      A Umlaut, o umlaut and u umlaut are letters of the German alphabet First thing to know, you can’t just slap those points on top of every a, o, i, e, and u you come across. Only three vowels – the a, o, and u – qualify for leading a secret life as umlauts. That said, umlauts are proper letters.
    3. Gardanos

      a mark put over a vowel in some languages, such as German, to show that the pronunciation of the vowel is changed: The German word "Gebäude," which means " building," has an umlaut over the "a.".
    4. Nak

      u umlaut, a umlaut, o umlaut The German alphabet consists of 26 letters but there’re also umlauted forms with two dots. We’ve three umlauts in German (ä, ö, .
    5. Fera

      umlaut is a global, full-service, cross-industry, end-to-end company that offers advisory and fulfilment services to clients all over the world. Our interdisciplinary capabilities enable us to add value, quality and focus to their organisations and produce.
    6. Dik

      The German umlaut is once such symbol. Used in the German language to indicate a change in sound, the umlaut can sometimes be found in names and words we use in the United States as well. The literary Brontë sisters, for example, use an umlaut over the E in their last name.
    7. Tygoshakar

      Two days with Jan Ivo Springborn, expert in sustainable aviation with umlaut and a model aeroplane fan since his youth. We look into the drones lab and at hybrid jets – and the case for life-life balance.

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